#1 – Why Salt Is The Most Important Ingredient In The World

Whether you’re a seasoned chef, or you’re finding your way in the kitchen, salt is your best friend. I like to think that salt has superpowers. It helps to marry flavors together and can take the taste and flavor of whatever you’re cooking, go from a 1 to a 10. Salt can also help to balance, imbalanced flavors. For example, if something is too vinegary, add some salt. It will help to decrease the overwhelming acidity of the dish.

Learn how to use salt, why you should season your food from a distance and why all table salt has Iodine in it. Do you have a designated salt jar or do you use a salt shaker/grinder? Do me a favor and toss the shaker in the bin (well, recycle of course). I’ll explain why you need full control of your salt using none other than the best tool in the kitchen  – your hands.

For an even more detailed read on salt, visit my salt blog at foodsplainer.com

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