#5 – everything you need to know about juicing

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that fresh-pressed juice is ‘better’ than cold-pressed?

Hate to break it to you, but that is far from the truth. Arleigh quickly debunks this myth about how fresh-pressed juice actually has less nutrients than cold-pressed.

Why, you ask? Well it’s actually simple science. When things are heated up, they lose nutritional value. When you boil broccoli, they lose a considerable amount of their nutrients that they had when they were raw.

The same concept applies to juicing. When you fresh-press juice, the blade is spinning at such a high speed that it creates a considerable amount of friction. This raises the temperature enough to decrease the nutritional benefits by a notable amount.

Why is juice so expensive?

  • Vegetables and fruits are just expensive! Imagine how much produce it takes to fill a 12-16oz cup.
  • Carefully-sourced, nutritionally-dense produce is more expensive.
  • There is a lot of labor behind on cup of juice.
  • Prices of produce also dramatically change due to change of season and TRENDS (think of Kim Kardashian starting the celery juice cleanse).

Arleigh also likes to say, “would you rather pay now, or pay later?”

What is WOOF?
Worldwide opportunities of organic farming allows you to travel to host farms to work on the farms in exchange for a place to stay. This gives you the opportunity to work anywhere in the world and get your hands dirty if you have an interest or passion for farming.

Drinking juice is a great way to prevent health issues!
There is a plethora of different types of juices that can be catered towards health-related issues like diabetes, inflammation and gut issues. Juice is also great for cleaning your body of toxins and feeling refreshed!

Is the sugar in juice bad?
The sugar in juice is called Fructose. It is not added processed sugar. You still want to be careful drinking a lot of juice because it can still be a lot of sugar to hit your bloodstream, especially on an empty stomach, but no, it is the best kind of sugar you can have!

The misconception of organic juice
One misconceptions is that organic does not mean it is the most nutritional juice you can get. Another misconception is that a lot of farmers can’t afford the USDA certification and can’t be labeled that it’s organic, even when the farms are practicing organic systems. It’s just jacked up.

Be aware of juice that ISN’T organic
An interesting point Arleigh made was that juice bars who DON’T sell organic should be the ones who have to charge more and that there should be a disclaimer that the juice is conventional. As mentioned above, juice can hit your bloodstream right away. When this produce was juice and it has been sprayed with chemical fertilizers and synthetic poisons, that is what is hitting your bloodstream right away. POISON IN THE BLOODSTREAM is what you’re paying for. You’re welcome.

How can you support small farmers?
Do you research, branch out of your convenient lifestyles and BUY THEIR CSA’s (Community supported agriculture). Point Blank.

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