by Erika Carsella

Like a blanket of snow
Taking a much-deserved bow
After the show

Granules sprinkle from her fingers
Lying at peace on a fresh cut beet
Purple stain on the cutting board lingers
The hot oil and seasoned beet meet

Something so simple, so beautiful
Picked from the soil by our farmers
Their passion remains plentiful
Hard work of the earth’s armor
Dirt under their nails, cracks on their hand
The true heroes behind our food system
Understanding this was never our land

The beet stands strong on its own
Salt humbly offers a blessing
They work better together, not on their own
Two submissive alphas meshing
Flavors of an undiscovered dimension
Who the true protagonist is, we’ll never know

But one thing there is to know
For whoever is the star of the show:
Cooking with salt is not just
Something to admire, but
Helps pleasant aromas transpire
Makes our taste buds dance
And gives witness
to a true romance


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