Trailer – What the Heck is a FOODSPLAINER?!

FOODSPLAINER podcast was developed with one thing in mind: to uplift and empower you through food. Cars can’t run without fuel and we can’t run without food! Whether you prefer ramen noodles and sake at a hole in the wall restaurant or a carefully executed 3 Michelin star meal, we’ll have some juicy facts and fun stories for you!

We believe in not only getting up-close and personal with basic food facts for the average home cook but also diving deep into the craft food world that many people may not know exists. Why am I qualified to talk about food? Well, I am a classically-trained chef, but who even cares about resumes anymore. Just know that I’ve had many experiences cooking in and observing kitchens across many states that have given me a deep understanding and appreciation for the industry. In some kitchens, the food and technique are simple. In other kitchens, you’d be amazed at how much work and precision goes into a bite-size morsel of food. Thankfully I have reputable connections all over the nation and I can’t wait to share their stories with you.

Now, let’s get to FOODSPLAININ’!

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