#2 – How The World’s Best Salt Is Made

Ever wonder how specialty salt is made or how you can use it? We have the pleasure of hearing from master himself, Steven, CEO and Co-Founder of Amagansett Sea Salt Co. in Amagansett, NY. Steven discusses how the pristine quality of his salt comes from attention to detail in every step of the salt-making process including:

-Knowing how to first and foremost read Mother Nature to know when the perfect conditions are to get out there and get your hands dirty.

-Knowing how to carefully handle the salt beds so as not to damage the natural shape and texture that gives you that satisfying “crunch.”

-Knowing the perfect recipe from how much ocean water to use per batch, to how much heat, to handling equipment and to having perfect timing.

Steven talks about salt being the star ingredient in cooking and how his special relationship with top chefs has shown him that his salt is looked at as the main ingredient in their cooking.

Steven also discusses the beauty in each batch being slightly different. The same technique is used, but different variables take a part in developing their own unique (but still similar) flavors.

BUY HIS SALT HERE —> https://www.amagansettseasalt.com/buy/online-store

Trust me…you’ll want to or you’ll never know what you’re missing out on. I also have another episode where I talk about salt from a chefs perspective which you can listen to HERE —–>

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