#6 – Processed foods are killing our Microbiome!

Bacteria is all around us, so why are we so intimidated by it? Microbes are literally everywhere and our bodies are full of 99% bacteria, we just can’t see them!

Instead of focusing on latest diets, we need to focus on our microbiome to really understand our health and make the best change to our health. The first documented food allergy was documented in 1969, but today 1 in 20 children have some kind of food allergy. What’s changed since then, is our microbiome.

If we have healthy soil, we have healthier food, a healthier gut and a healthier mind.

Checkout this book: The Diet Myth by Tim Spector to learn more on how what we eat affects our microbes. He talks about how focusing on the latest diets, we need to focus on our microbiome, not what carbs, sugars and other foods we should cut out.

  • When did we start focusing on yield instead of health? What we’re really doing when we’re prioritizing yield is stripping all the nutrients from our soil – this is called monoculture; we are growing the same crop on the same land year after year after year.
  • The produce we buy and eat are stripped of all their nutritional benefits. We may as well be eating wonder bread for the rest of our life.

My biggest little Farm is a documentary of a cinematographer-turned-farmer who brings a piece of land from dirt, back to a rich oasis of growth with veggies and animals all living in harmony. Whenever there’s an issue on the farm, the solution is never produced with something manmade, it’s something within nature.

The future is not a new invention of a newly modified crop, the future is to be in-tune with nature.

The rules that govern life on earth is a fantastic YouTube video where Evolutionary biologist Sean B Carroll “reveals how a few simple rules govern all life on earth, from the cells in our bodies to populations of animals on the Serengeti.”

Moral of the story? If we have a more diverse microbiome (which comes from eating well and being healthy), then our microbes can extract more nutrients from our food and we will benefit more from their nutrients in the first place.

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